Telecom and Technology Marketing Services

Your message.  Your products.  Your partners. This is what customers see when they shop.


Every company has a story to tell, and DEUSA can help you tell yours in a creative, professional way.  How are you different?  How are you better? 

This often means relying on technical experts to explain the details.  DEUSA excels at working with technical staff to extract the value proposition, and present it in a way your customers will understand. 

How can we help?

DEUSA's CEO, Anthony Stiso, is a well-known industry professional, doing business in the US, Latin America,

Europe and Asia.  

After a successful career with several market leaders,

he opened DEUSA Enterprises in 2003 to meet the needs

for cost-effective outsources Marketing services. 

Industry expertise

Since 2003, DEUSA has worked with large and small companies in mobile, fixed and VoIP services, cloud-based solutions, enterprise hardware and software, location-based services

and more.  The secret to our success includes experience with AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile,

Deutsche Telekom, Telmex, Telefonica, HP, SAP, Alcatel- Lucent and other leaders. 

Smaller clients include privately owned entrepreneurial companies who are hot for growth.  


- Trade shows

- Speaking engagements

- Webinars

The most important thing is to define your business


How do we get this done?

 DEUSA starts by defining your message, finding both strengths (and weaknesses) in your current offer.  DEUSA provides fresh new eyes to see your business objectively.  We give you the answers that your own team might not see, or might not want to say.  

There has never been a better time to launch something new in telecom

and technology.  DEUSA can help.

  • Build your ecosystem of partners for mutual referrals and joint marketing.

  • Write, design and develop a complete portfolio of sales tools and materials.

  • Press releases and media coverage, to get your company in the news and in the search engines.

  • Enable your company to succeed in multiple languages, translating your message across borders and cultures.

  • Transform your website into a more effective sales tool.

  • Manage key business processes to make your sales team more accountable and more effective.

What else?


- Strategic planning

- Competitive analysis

- Customer segmentation

What Really Matters